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Organics Collection Training
Organics Waste Training

Organics recycling is a team effort. You and your crew are the first step in an operation that eventually leaves the Earth a healthier place. The better informed your team is about what is accepted and what is not, allows for a better experience for you and quality compost at the end of the process. This preparation sets the foundation for your team's ongoing organic recycling success.


We will train your staff on every facet of the program, focusing on what is compostable and what is considered contamination. This includes a segment on what should be recycled, but not into your organic waste such as aluminum cans, recyclable plastics, the items most people are familiar with when it comes to recycling.

These specific instructions are custom-tailored to your business, as well as, providing general guidelines and support to put your specific recycling goals in context. This includes not only the physical process, but the benefits as well. We find that when people understand the end result, their passion and drive for recycling help enhance the learning process and gives people purpose in the workplace!

Compost It Poster




While we would love for everyone to remember everything we discussed during training, we realize that's not realistic!

As a result, we leave behind posters that you can hang in your facilities that help provide a visual overview of what we can and cannot consider for organics recycling.

These are provided for every customer as part of our training and you can always request more depending on your space and needs.

We Compost Sticker

Size: 4" x 5.5"



We're all doing this for the right reasons, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't tell people what we're doing!

There is an opportunity here. By posting "We Compost" it not only demonstrates to our customers that we take our responsibility for the planet seriously, it also presents an opportunity to educate and answer questions about why it is important.

We provide window stickers for all of our customers. If you ever need more, feel free to reach out to us and ask for support.

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