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Packaged food companies take every precaution to make sure the food we buy at the store and bring home to feed our families is safe for consumption. They also maintain rigorous standards to make sure the products we buy today are of the same flavor and quality as the packaged foods we have come to expect from purchases in the past.


When safety or quality is compromised for whatever reason, the products can either be landfilled or better, reclaimed, recycled, and manufactured into compost!

ITEMS WE accept


  • Canned Goods

  • Tetra Pak Cartons

  • Cardboard Packaged Foods

  • Plastic Packaged Foods

  • Animal Feed

  • Contaminated Food Waste

  • Packaged Snacks

  • Dairy Products


DO NOT accept


  • Glass Bottles

Depackaging for Compost

Spoiled products are loaded into the depackager.

Depackaging for Compost



While great care is exercised by manufacturers to maintain food integrity, occasionally unforeseen challenges arise which render the products no longer safe for human consumption. This includes foods not sold by the expiration date or materials that for whatever reason, failed to maintain their refrigerated state due to equipment failure.


Total Organics Recycling can arrange for commercial manufacturers packaged spoilage to arrive at St. Louis Composting's depackaging facilities where we can separate the material that cannot be introduced to compost (the packaging), and reclaim the organic material (the food), and help it find a second beneficial purpose. The packaging can then be routed to recycling, disposal, or waste to energy.

Since non-compostable packaging cannot be introduced into the composting process, we utilize our depackaging facilities to minimize the waste created from material destruction and give the bulk of the organic material a second life in the form of nutrient-rich compost!

The packaging is mechanically separated from the organic waste.

Collecting Organic Waste for Compost

The packaging is routed to a compacter that collects it for disposal or recycling. The organic waste is collected into tankers to be utilized in the composting process.


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