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Total Organic Recycling collects organic material, then what? Once we pick-up your discarded organics, they are delivered to a St. Louis Composting commercial compost facility, where they are broken down into a nutrient-rich soil supplement in a process called composting. 


Compost is organic matter that has been broken down through aerobic decomposition into a dark, humus-rich material teeming with beneficial organisms – a critical component of a “complete” soil. Complete soil also contains key mineral factions (iron, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) that promote healthy plant growth and maturation.

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. For thousands of years, ecosystems have survived and thrived by self-producing compost from spent plant material. Compost contains essential nutrients and moisture that help plants grow by:

  • improving the structure, drainage, and water-holding capacity of soil

  • encouraging deep-rooting

  • helping to suppress plant disease and promoting healthier growth

  • reducing erosion

  • reducing waste and combating climate change through recycling outside of landfills

Compost is offered through our partner:

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to visit their compost product page.

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