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Making the Cannabis Industry Greener with Sustainable Waste Management

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it’s important for businesses to comply with regulations and also prioritize sustainability. When it comes to disposing of cannabis waste in an environmentally conscious manner, Total Organics Recycling offers a disposal service rooted in sustainability with cannabis composting. Total Organics Recycling works closely with each company to develop a unique, full-service disposal plan designed to fit that business’s needs. By partnering with Total Organics Recycling, cannabis growers and manufacturers can help make a sustainable choice and know that their waste is being disposed of properly.


According to the Missouri Department of Health, all cannabis waste must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable state, tribal, local, and municipal laws and regulations. Cannabis Waste includes any excess organic cannabis material, such as trimmings, flower and unused plant sections like roots, stems, and stalks, as well as any unused marijuana.

Because of these regulations, cannabis waste can’t be disposed of like food waste or other regular retail items. To dispose of cannabis waste properly and legally, the State of Missouri requires that it be rendered useless. This means it must be mixed with at least 50 percent of other nonhazardous nonmarijuana materials and that the mixture must then be “unrecognizable.”


Total Organics Recycling will come directly to a business or facility with a team of experts in sustainable waste management to render the organic marijuana residuals unusable and unrecognizable. The waste management team ensures that the waste is fully broken down and mixed with other organic materials, like food waste. Once collected, the mixture is transported away to be turned into compost. To make this process as streamlined as possible, Total Organics Recycling will even provide the business with designated bins to hold the cannabis waste until the waste is ready for pick-up to help keep to facility organized. In addition, to help with compliance, Total Organics Recycling can also provide businesses with certificates of destruction if a business needs it. With this full-service solution, businesses can feel proud that they’re making a sustainable, eco-conscious choice to dispose of their cannabis waste.

“As a Cannabis Manufacturer, Total Organics Recycling helps us stay compliant and sustainable by removing our cannabis waste,” said Tim Crook, COO of Teal Cannabis Co. “They also help keep our facility clean and coordinated with the bins they provide so our waste is organized and ready for pick-up. Total Organics Recycling really understands the compliance side of our businesses, which was invaluable, and composting is a great option in the Cannabis industry.”


With cannabis being a naturally occurring substance, it only makes sense to dispose of it naturally. By embracing a sustainable disposal method, businesses are also helping to decrease the amount of waste produced by the cannabis industry, which is becoming a hot topic of discussion as the cannabis industry continues to grow. In other states with legal cannabis regulations, like Colorado, the cannabis industry is racking up more than 7.3 million pounds of waste. Choosing to compost that waste is a very sustainable approach.

This can also build a better connection with a business’s audience. Consumers are becoming more interested in eco-friendly and sustainable products, and they want to know that the companies they support make a difference with sustainable decisions. This is no different in the cannabis industry. By implementing composting practices, cannabis businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint, which can appeal to consumers and give them an edge in a competitive market.

“Composting cannabis isn’t new for Total Organics Recycling. We have extensive experience working with businesses in the cannabis industry. By working so closely with each company, we can truly understand their needs and develop a unique composting plan for them,” said Patrick Geraty, President of Total Organics Recycling and Founder of St. Louis Composting. “Total Organics Recycling is the only company in St. Louis with the scope to handle compost jobs of all sizes, from dispensaries to large cultivation operations, ensuring that these businesses can reduce their environmental impact with ease.”

If you’re looking to simplify your cannabis waste management and make a sustainable change by composting, get in touch with Total Organics Recycling today to learn more at 636-825-6206.

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