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WORKING TOGETHER FOR A healthier planet

Founded in 2014, Total Organics Recycling is locally owned and a leader in commercial organics collection in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We haul over 300 tons of organics each week from local businesses, restaurants, schools, entertainment venues, and organizations. 

We serve as your full-service partner for organics recycling. We educate your staff on what is compostable, pick-up your organic waste, and then we process it into nutrient-rich compost with our eco-partner St. Louis Composting. The entire process is hassle-free, keeping usable, beneficial waste out of our landfills, and in the process, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions inherent to their conventional disposal.

You provide the commitment, we provide the way. Together we will make this Earth a healthier place for all of us and provide a responsible environmental road map for future generations.

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It's like a local environmental hall of fame. The organizations listed below work with us to minimize their organic waste footprint in landfills. Some of them have formal zero-waste initiatives which we are happy to be a part of, others do it simply because they know it's the responsible thing to do for the planet.


Either way, we are happy to promote their brands and we hope you support them with your business.

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