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Tips for Choosing the Right Organics Recycling Company for You

Organic recycling is minimizing waste by returning organic materials to their natural state. While you can return food waste to the earth through composting, the right organic recycling company returns other organic products such as soiled paper and cardboard, yard trimmings, and even household items like cooking oil. This article will provide tips on choosing the right organic recycling company for your needs.

Decide What Type of Service You Need

Do you want a company that will pick up organic materials from your home or business? Do you only need materials collected at certain times during the week, month, or season? Is it essential to use eco-friendly, natural composting methods for your organic materials?

Determine Whether or Not You Want Regular Pickup Service or Drop Off Service

If the company is coming to your home or business, do you plan on making multiple trips to drop off your organic materials? Would it be more convenient if they came to pick up the organics materials?

Compare Prices for Various Services

Whether composting, natural or traditional methods, or just weekly pickups, organic recycling companies offer competitive prices for their services. Qualified organics recycling companies should be eager to provide their price list. If they are not, consider looking at other companies, or you might want to go with the first company you talked to.

Determine What Type of Equipment They Use

Some organic recycling companies use trucks with large containers for the kitchen and yard waste, while other companies have a roll-off bin that they bring to your home or business. Which one is better? It all depends on what you are trying to get rid of; some organic materials are better suited for roll-off bins.

Learn About Other Services the Company Offers

Find out if the company offers other services, like office recycling or construction dumpster rental. Another service that many organics recycling companies will provide is office paper shredding services. This is convenient if your business has sensitive documents you need to destroy.

Learn About the Company's Commitment to Sustainability

Some organic recycling companies are committed to using natural composting methods, while others use traditional garbage disposal methods. Which is better? Again, it depends on what you are trying to get rid of. For example, using traditional methods, yard trimmings can easily be turned into compost, while household food waste might need a more natural approach.

Decide What Type of Contract You Want

A tiered service system is the most common for organic recycling companies with more than one pick up per month, while a flat monthly fee might be better for customers. Some companies will charge a monthly fee regardless of whether or not the services are used, while others charge a setup fee then a certain amount per month or pickup.

Finally, remember to ask lots of questions about each company's services. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions with any company you are considering, and if they cannot answer them or would rather not discuss their prices or services, you might want to consider another company. While you don't want too many contracts or fees, what matters most is getting good value for your money.

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