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As a homeowner, you realize that every part of the house has its own set of maintenance tasks. It is good to note that your living space should also be free from waste and other harmful materials such as chemicals. If you do not dispose off or effectively recycle wastes, then the various health issues may arise in people who are living in that space:

Waste segregation at source

This is the first and foremost step in waste management. Segregating waste at the source makes items easier to manage and recycle. You can place different colored bins for biodegradable, recyclable, and hazardous wastes.

According to experts, waste disposal bins should occupy at least five percent of the house's total floor area. You can use cardboard boxes and stackable bins for this purpose.

Hazardous wastes should be stored in airtight packaging

You can use spray bottles, plastic pails, and metal tins for this purpose. If you are not sure about what can be recycled, contact professionals to inquire for details.

The waste storage area must have good ventilation facilities. Ensure that there is proper lighting too at the waste storage area. This will help in the proper identification and segregation of wastes.

Regular cleaning of the waste storage area is a must to avoid pests and bad odor

You can use a broom, mop, and disinfectant for this. It is also important to check the amount of waste produced in your household daily or weekly. You can use electronic gadgets, newspapers, and other recycled paper for insulation of wastes.

It is also important to pay attention to the garbage you throw away at home or office. You should know that alkaline, acid, or toxic chemicals can harm human health if not disposed of properly at the waste storage center.

Avoid burning of wastes

Burning wastes can release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, proving harmful to human health. It is also against the law to burn household wastes. You should be careful while disposing of barbecue wastes or cigarette butts too. These items contain harmful chemicals which can get attached to the soil or dirty water.

Environmental experts also suggest using green products for cleaning purposes. Cleaning chemicals are among the most commonly used items at homes and offices. These chemicals should be checked for toxicity and other harmful effects on human health. If you have to use these products, ensure that their disposal ventilation facilities are available in your home or office.

Hire a professional waste management company to help you with the disposal

A qualified firm should dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. They should ensure that wastes are recycled and converted into useful products. This will help conserve resources as you can plan your waste management activities according to the availability of raw materials.

Homeowners need to be aware of the various ways in which waste can be managed and disposed of. For more advice, contact us at Total Organics Recycling,636-825-6206,, and it becomes easier to manage wastes in an effective and eco-friendly manner.

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