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organic waste hauling

The planet dramatically changed when the amount of trash generated worldwide began to spike. Since then we’ve made efforts, both big and small scale, to reduce our waste through recycling and organic waste diversion. While great strides have been made in recent years through community recycling programs, it is only within the last few years the focus on organic waste reclamation has gained attention.

As it turns out, the solution has been right in front of us for some time, give our organic waste a second life through composting. Not only do we end up gaining beneficial material for our gardens, but we divert material from the waste stream and reduce our greenhouse emissions in the process. It's a win-win!


The ultimate goal is to reuse waste, not to just dump it. To do this, we need organic waste management. Total Organics Recycling is dedicated to getting as much of your organic waste processed and utilizing it to make compost, where it can be used to grow food and contribute to the natural cycle, helping the environment in the process.

Our composting containers can be found all over the city of St. Louis, from schools to concert venues. We accept organic waste from non-residential sources and move it away in collection trucks, honoring our waste as a resource to be maximized, not disposed of.  The power of the composting effects can’t be overstated.  The total annual waste is over 260 million tons, and of that, 40 million tons of material is organic waste that could be recycled.

Organic Waste Tote
Turning Organic Waste Into Compost


  • Catering Businesses & Restaurants

  • Businesses & Offices

  • Hospitals 

  • Nursing Homes

  • Concert & Entertainment Venues

  • Schools & Universities

  • Hotels & Resorts

  • Food and Nutrition Manufacturers

  • Grocery and Produce Stores

  • Day Care and Childcare Facilities

  • Industrial Sites 

  • Distribution Centers

how it works


Get closer to achieving your zero waste goal with Total Organics Recycling! We make organic waste hauling easy!


We offer totes for food scrap collection. They are regular (21 gallons) or large (64 gallons.) We will pick up your filled totes on days you schedule in advance. Your totes are emptied, rinsed out, and replaced on-site. 


You can divert food waste from the landfill by partnering with Total Organics Recycling. You may even lower your trash costs as well!

Organic Waste Tote


  1. FIRST, CONTACT US Call us (636-825-6206) or e-mail Laura Gale  (

  2. THen, PRICING  One of our experienced, trained composting specialists will come to you to evaluate the needed number of totes and pick-ups to fulfill the request of your business. After that, changes are easy. If you need more totes or a different scheduled pick-up, simply call us or make a request through our website.

  3. Next, TRAINING Your Total Organics Recycling representative will come visit your location and train your staff on what is and is not compostable.  They will also provide you with educational posters and stickers. Initial set-up includes unlimited training sessions.

  4. Then DELIVERY OF MATERIALS Your yellow totes will be delivered to you, ready to be filled with the proper organic material. We will also provide the aforementioned composting posters and stickers.

  5. Finally, ORGANICS PICK-UP At your scheduled pick-up, we will dump out and then rinse out your totes on site. Your new totes will be ready for immediate use to repeat the recycling cycle! Liners are not required, customers are only requested to fill the tote.



At the end of each month, we can provide you with a specialized report* informing you how much “waste” your business diverted from the landfill. 
*This is upon request only.

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