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Food Waste Pick-Up

How Our Food Waste Pick-Up Recycling Can Help Your Business

Our staff at Total Organics Recycling can come to your location to pick up your organic products and recycle them.

We offer 34 and 65 gallon totes that your company can use just the way you would use a traditional garbage can. Just place all of your organic materials into these totes and our company will come by, pick up the recyclable organic material, and rinse out the tote leaving you ready to start the cycle all over again.

We proudly work with local restaurants, food manufacturers, daycares, and a wide range of other industries that have food waste recycling needs.

Our pricing is flexible and designed to fit your business. Whether you have a high volume of food waste recycling needs and you require a more robust service or you're running a smaller operation and your food waste pickup needs are likewise smaller, Total Organics Recycling is able to respond to your needs and quote you a price accordingly.

Best of all, we offered training for your staff.

You don't need to be concerned at all with what is recyclable and what isn't. At Total Organics Recycling, we're fully committed to helping the St. Louis community better handle food waste recycling. This includes training staff and personnel at local companies and how to recycle food and handle food waste pickup.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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