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Here’s How Our Depackaging Service Can Help With Your Corporate Sustainability Plan

At Total Organics Recycling we offer a depackaging service to businesses in the St. Louis metropolitan area looking to improve their corporate sustainability.

Depackaging is the latest solution when it comes to figuring out better ways to handle the resources we already have.

So how does it work?

Manufacturers of pre-packaged foods take every precaution to make sure that these products are safe and healthy for families across the country. However, unforeseen events can lead to pre-packaged foods being sent to the landfill. Whether this is a recall, a contamination concern, or just these products reaching the end of their shelf life, thousands of pounds of pre-packaged foods are thrown away every year.

We are able to come to your facility to collect your unsalable prepackaged food products and recycle them into usable compost. We give these unsalable prepackaged food products a second life as valuable compost.

Customers and clients are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint and sustainability of the businesses they work with. Your corporate sustainability plan can benefit from a partnership with our company. We give you a way to minimize your waste and better approach a completely sustainable business.

We take everything from tin cans to tetra-pak containers to unpackaged food products. The only prepackaged food products we do not accept are those that are packaged in glass containers. Our facility is able to handle every other type of prepackaged food product.

We're currently facing an unprecedented environmental concern. Companies across a wide range of industries are looking for ways to improve their approach to sustainability. Our facility helps you approach a better corporate sustainability plan. Our services allow you to lessen the number of your products that wind up in a landfill and increase the number of products that wind up having a second life as a green alternative.

If you're wondering what happens to the packaging of your products after they've been processed through our facility, here's what happens.

The packaging from the products that are sent our way is separated from the usable food and organic matter inside them. These packages are then processed and sent to a recycling facility or to a waste energy facility. This ensures that even your packaging is getting additional use and improving your overall sustainability outlook.

Reach out to a representative from Total Organics Recycling today to learn more about our depackaging services and how we can help you improve your corporate sustainability.

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