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Compostable Products

How Our Facility Handles Compostable Products and Food Waste

At total Organics Recycling, we've seen countless companies in the St. Louis area incorporating more compostable products into their daily routines. In addition to composting food waste, our business is able to accommodate these compostable products.

Here's how it works.

Our facility uses a specialized type of composting known as windrow composting. This type of composting uses “Browns” and “Greens” in an open-air environment allowing them to naturally compost outdoors. This allows us to minimize our energy costs and our carbon footprint.

The compostable products and food waste that is sent our way compost naturally out in the sunlight and the environment. In a way, you can say that we're using the oldest type of solar power there is!

If your business wants to hop on this green trend, our staff at Total Organics Recycling can help businesses in the St. Louis area incorporate compostable products into their company. Whether you're looking for compostable forks for your company's lunchroom or you're interested in compostable paper products, our company can help you find what you need.

If you have concerns about the compostability of your products, you can contact the Compost Manufacturers Alliance. They have a catalog of compostable products at our facility that can accept. Our experts are standing by to help you determine which of your products can be composted at our facility.

Get in touch with a representative from Total Organics Recycling today to learn more about composting food waste and other products in the St. Louis area.

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